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All mommy all the time?

So LO is almost 8 months and she's having a serious mommy moment. The minute I walk away she gets cranky and whines or cries. It's not only making me crazy to feel like I can't go fix dinner or use the bathroom without her wigging out. But I can tell it bothers my husband. He knows not to take it personally but it is hard when she cries when alone with him and flys into my arms and out of his.

Anyone having similar stuff going on? Any ideas for how to help her stop needing so much mommy and go back to loving her time with dad?

Re: All mommy all the time?

  • DS is going through a similar phase where he is definitely starting to show his preference for mommy big time. Something that has helped has been having my husband and I spend time with him together. Every morning before he goes to work, my husband hangs out with usI while DS plays and crawls around. Hubby takes that opportunity to play with DS a lot — making faces, flying him in the air, tickling him, etc., but I'm still right there. It's also a good time for hubby and I to catch up on whatever we have to talk about. When he can, he will also pop in while I'm feeding DS in his high chair and talk to him and help feed him finger foods. DS now has no problem with my husband being with him alone, but he definitely gets a huge smile on his face and reaches for me whenever I come back :-) 
  • The hard part is that I work from home and he is with her in the afternoons. She spends a lot of time trying to crawl into my office and whining when she can't get to me. When we are together as a family, which is every evening, she is ok but still gets whiny when I walk away or she is just with dad.

    I feel horrible for him and can't figure out how to make her less dependent on having me around.
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  • Hmm that is tough. Can you close the door to your office or have dad take her for a walk in her stroller (or something like that) in the afternoons? Or would she still have a hard time? With my DS, once I'm out of sight, he's able to focus on having fun with daddy and kind of forgets that I'm not around. It's not until he actually sees or hears me that he starts whining and trying to get to me.
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