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Anyone taking a class at St Vincents?

Hi there! I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to take a class at St Vincents. This is my first baby and I'm really excited! I'll be delivering with Bham OBGYN associates. I want to get a tour of the birthing suites so I get a better idea of what to expect... I want to do that regardless of if I take a class or not though. I'm 36 weeks right now so I wonder if it's too late to take a class. Have any of you taken a class at St Vincent's? If so- how was your experience? Was it worth it? Thanks!

Re: Anyone taking a class at St Vincents?

  • I just delivered at St.Vincent's of Birmingham last week. I took the gift of motherhood class as well as the coping skills and breastfeeding. The gift of motherhood was definitely a worthwhile class! Very informative and you get to your the birth suites, which are super nice. The staff at the hospital are wonderful. I came across 2 employees who I wasn't completely content with, but you have that everywhere. They really went above and beyond to make my whole experience wonderful. I am also a first time mommy. At any rate, I definitely advise the gift of motherhood and if you want to, look into monogram and maternity. They can set up your birth plan and how you want things done before active labor and during/after active. Good luck and best wishes! Congratulations, by the way!
  • @serome3993 Did you call and set up a time to meet with a consultant regarding your birth plan? I was online earlier trying to figure out how the monogram maternity thing works. Thanks for all your advice! Good luck with your little one!
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