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21 wk old Grunting and seemingly frustrated during nursing

my 21 week old EBF boy is suddenly doing this weird thing where he's grunting and pulling off the breast, stretching out his body and pushing around with his feet, after he's been nursing for a while, but seemingly not long enough that he'd be full. I switch sides and he'll eat for a bit then do the same. Thought maybe gas, the way he's wriggling his body, so I'll take him off and try to burp, which just makes him mad and start crying. Put him back on, and he just grunts and pulls again. My breasts seem to have been well emptied by him, almost wondering if he's frustrated that there isn't more?? Fed him an extra 2.5 oz bottle after night nursing yesterday because he was still upset, he drank it all, but I usually don't have extra on hand like that. I had read that around 4 months they become easily distracted, which is definitely happening (he'll pop off to smile at me, look around at every noise or to look at daddy etc) but this seems different. Will probably call LLL for advice but wondering if anyone here had experienced this or has thoughts? Thanks so much!

Re: 21 wk old Grunting and seemingly frustrated during nursing

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    Mine does the same thing. Usually, I'm pretty sure he's trying to pass gas, but sometimes I think he's just done eating and is tired of me shoving a boob in his mouth, lol. It's uncomfortable for me, so I keep my pinky finger handy to unlatch him when he starts pulling. He's having plenty of dirty/wet diapers so I'm not too concerned. At least for my guy, I think it's just an annoying phase. If you feel uneasy about it or like something's wrong, though, definitely see a lactation consultant or contact LLL! Every LC I've worked with has been a lifesaver.

    As far as bottles are concerned, my LO will keep drinking from a bottle well past the point that he's actually hungry and will then spit everything up. What's been your experience with how your LO takes a bottle? That might help determine whether he's hungry or not. It might also be good to have him weighed after a feeding to see how much he's actually getting.
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    My 26 week old does the same thing and it hurts! He is getting 2 teeth in! I think it's gas as well. I usually unlatch him, try to burp him, and then switch to the other side. If he does it again, I stop nursing and try again 10-15 minutes later if he's still looking for food.
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    My daughter also does this when her belly is bothering her and she's gassy or needs to poop. Try taking him off, giving him a pacifier and sitting him upright. Also regarding the milk it could possibly be the flow is frustrating him - he wants it to come out faster - but my lactation consultant told me that your breasts are never completely empty as they are constantly producing milk so he should never really be getting nothing. Just keep trying. My daughter tends to do this around dinner time so I just take her off, and then at her next feeding before bed she's usually tired and more calm and nurses great.
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