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Breastfeeding && Constipation

I've been breast feeding my son since birth. But the day after he was born he had to be transfered to NICU since I got him back from NICU its been about a week and a half I stopped giving him formula but now hes become constipated what can I do to help him poop! I don't want to give him formula but since I've given him breast milk he gets constipated and I see him trying to push but all he does is pass gas. What advice do any mommies have for this FTM! Please Help

Re: Breastfeeding && Constipation

  • Breastfeed babies can go up to 10 days without a bowel movement. How old is he? If he's youger than a month I'd call your pediatrician. If he's older than that I'd give it at least a week before I worried. My little guy is 9 weeks and now only goes every 5-6 days. Babies use just about everything in the breastmilk so there is not much waste
  • Agreed breastfed babies can go a long time without pooping! Unless it's hard
    or pellets it's not constipation.
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