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Suggestions for itchy bump?

Last pregnancy my already super dry skin was miserably itchy when my belly got big. I'm hoping to prevent it from the get-go this time. Any suggestions for oil blends or balms/butters good for a growing bump?


Re: Suggestions for itchy bump?

  • A friend of mine made me a belly rub...has aloe vera, vitamin E and olive oil. I use it before drying off in the shower. I bet you could make it with coconut oil instead though and turn it into salve more so than a liquid rub. I can't say much for it's ability to stop the itching (because i haven't been super itchy) but it does make for one soft/smooth belly!
  • I've been using some coconut oil! It's hydrating and soaks in well after a shower. It smells great too! Totally safe for you and baby!
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