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First name to suit middle name of Valerie?

Bub is due on my late mums birthday. If it is a boy we have decided on a name- Amos Milton. We love the name Amos, and Milton is a family name. However if it is a girl, we'd like to give her the middle name if Valerie, after my mum. However we're stuck on first names! Please vote on a suggestion below, but ideas are also welcome. My theme (IMO) is pretty, soft, old style with a Australian/English/Scottish ancestory.
Matilda Valerie
Katie Valerie
Chloe Valerie
Norah Valerie
Annabelle (Annie) Valerie
Isabel Valerie

Thanks :)

Re: First name to suit middle name of Valerie?

  • I vote Matilda Valerie! I love the name Matilda.
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  • I like Matilda and Norah.
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  • Definitely Matilda

  • I like Matilda and Norah.

    Me too
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  • I like Norah Valerie best. I don't like the flow of two names ending in the long e sound, so Katie and Chloe don't work to me.
  • Matilda! That is a very sweet name combination. I don't like both of the "ee" endings together with some of your combos.
    So sweet you are due on her birthday. Sorry for the loss of your mom.



  • Matilda or Annabelle
  • Matilda for the win.
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  • Matilda Valerie is a great choice. I also like Norah from your list. 

  • Thanks ladies :) you've helped me make up my mind. We had matilda as our first choice, but last week i saw TWO matildas (before this I hadnt seen any!) and they were both little ratbags! It had me second guessing our choice for a bit! :) thanks!
  • Matilda and Norah are both great options with Valerie
  • Matilda Valerie sounds great. 


  • I love the name Matilda Valerie. Its a unique name.
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