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Did you "pop" earlier than expected?

Im currently 7w with twins and wondering when people could tell if you were pregnant? I really want to keep it to ourselves until 12-13w. Is this realistic? When did you need to change into maternity clothes?

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Re: Did you "pop" earlier than expected?

  • I was 8 weeks when I started to show but pretty thin so there was no way to hide a bump...I waited to 11 weeks at work to tell people...probably just looked like I had eaten a lot at all times lol. Really popped big time around 16 weeks
  • I'm 14 weeks now with my 3rd and 4th and there is definitely no hiding it. I feel like I look 6 months pregnant! I was definitely in maternity clothes by 9/10 weeks or so
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  • I didn't even though it is my second pregnancy and I'm relatively thin. I was actually smaller than with my son. I fit into most of my regular pants until 14-16 wks. I bought a few flowier shirts for work and wore baggy t-shirts out. It was around 14 weeks that a few people started to notice. We started telling people around 16 wks. One of my colleagues (a midwife!) said that she thought I was gaining some weight but didn't want to say anything! Lol.
  • Oh and I really popped around 18-19 wks and that's when I completely switched over to maternity clothes.
  • I'm pretty thin as well and wasn't visible to strangers until 20 weeks with my last set. With this set, I am 9 weeks and not even starting to show, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to hide it well for another 3-4 weeks. I think everyone is different, but there is hope! 
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  • I had a bump at 6 weeks, that's why I thought I was having twins. I was able to conceal it until about 16 weeks. My twin pregnancy was my 2nd pregnancy though.
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  • Thanks all! Feeling much better about concealing it for a while :)
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  • We were able to wait until we were comfortable announcing, after 12 weeks. But I was already curvy and did not really gain weight, and was lucky enough to have my first trimester during winter. I "camouflaged" by: accessorizing with big jewelry; wearing multiple layers (cardigans over long shirts); and mixing prints and patterns to distract the eyes. 

    Those belly bands that hold your pants up were AMAZING. They let me put off actual maternity clothes for several months, until the swelling really set in, at which point I was able to find really comfortable maternity jeans and dresses at secondhand shops. 
  • I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant with twins and I'm just starting to wear maternity clothes. I can still fit into most of my regular clothes, but they're starting to get a little uncomfortable. So far I'm just right about on target with my first pregnancy (singleton), because I started wearing maternity clothes right around 17 weeks with that pregnancy too. For reference I am usually a size 6 when I'm not pregnant.
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  • I'm 12 weeks and just now started to show. I switched to maternity pants last week but I am still wearing my pre-pregnancy tops and dresses.  
  • I started looking pretty bloated from 8-11 weeks and then it became obvious there was babies in there. My jeans didn't fit at about 9 weeks. The wouldn't button for anything. so I got maternity jeans then but put off most maternity clothes till about 20 weeks. But I wear more flowy clothes so I'm sure that helped. I did have to get larger work shirts pretty early on. Good luck and enjoy the bump! As uncomfortable as I was I miss it! Ha!
  • I started showing at 4 weeks. I'm 10 weeks now and I feel huge but haven't gained any weight it's all in my gut! I had a completely flat stomach before and here's how I look now
  • I felt 'fat' at 12wks and my regular clothes stopped fitting around 15-16 wks. I never could do the belly bands, I just went straight to maternity clothes. I was probably really obviously pregnant around 20wks
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