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started formula

I recently switched to formula (yes I've been bf'ing for as long I could before it started interfering with work with them making me pump in the bathroom and I lost my supply).

I was wondering if the generic brand formula (Walmart or Target) is the same exact thing? And if they're actually comparable to Similac... he's on the sensitive formula. A tub doesn't even last us a week and we were wondering if Walmart or Target is an equal alternative... and is it true that the same company makes them both? 

Re: started formula

  • We use Honest Company, but I have friends who love Costco's formula and they say it's the most affordable and comparable to the big brands.
  • If you look at the back where the ingredients the name brand and the generic will have the exact same ingredients. Saves a ton of money if you ask me. I'm not too sure about the companies who make them tho.
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  • We use our grocery store brand instead of similac. 
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