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Weaning and sippy cups

My lo turned 1 end of August and has strictly been breastfeed. We have worked in several different sippy cups for the last couple of months with water in it but she will not drink from them. I am needing to wean her as we found out I am expecting again and wanting to get her down to just milk. Any suggestions on how to get her to drink the milk. As of now she will go as long as I let her with no drinks until I cave and let her nurse. Thanks!

Re: Weaning and sippy cups

  • We had quite the challenge with our EBF lo as well. She finally took to the munchkin sippy straw cup after transitioning with the thinkbaby sippy. She's never taken to bottles and we are still nursing so not sure if we will ever do the whole milk thing. To be honest, my doctor said that babies can get sufficient calcium and nutrients from other foods (i.e. Cheese, yogurt) if they never like milk. A lot of be babies don't. Good luck!!
  • Is there a reason specifically you want to wean? Of course you have the support either way but it is totally safe the nurse during pregnancy :)

    Congrats on your pregnancy btw!

    We had success with the munchkin cup as well, my DS never cared for traditional cups and prefers a straw :)
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