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Caffeine when ttc?

Hi everyone!

So I'm wondering how many people still drink caffeine while ttc. I was so paranoid last time and didn't have any caffeine or alcohol while ttc or during the 2 week wait. That pregnancy ended in miscarriage. So am I being too paranoid? I feel like if I do one thing wrong it's going to happen again.

Re: Caffeine when ttc?

  • I know it's hard to accept, but unless you ran tests and proved otherwise, there probably wasn't anything that you could have done to prevent it. When trying to conceive, I'd avoid everything that you would while pregnant, but I'm also super paranoid therefore super conservative. You're allowed a small amount of caffeine a day while pregnant anyway, I think it's 200 mg?
  • Odds are heavily against any action or lack of on your part contributed at all to your loss. Try and stay positive.
    I was cautious durring my TWW and drank as normal while TTC. My normal caffeine intake is within the allowable limit so that wasn't a problem. I conceived my first two pregnancies with the help of rum drinks. I think enjoying the TTC time is key. You are more likely to get pregnant when relaxed and happy. I had a glass of wine during my TWW and drank it slow over a couple of hours. Always do what's best for you to be in the best state of mind and within your comfort level.

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    I cut caffeine to half-caff or tried to replace it with herbal teas as much as I could last pregnancy, but I lost the baby in a mmc. DH is convinced that I was being too careful about everything last time to the point of paranoia.
    So....this time I'm taking caffeine in moderate amounts, half a cup or a cup a day, 2cups on long days. I'd rather be happy and comfy. Plus DH says it's nonsense because Italians drink coffee every day several times a day, so I shouldn't worry at all. Lol
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