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Baby shower at my own house?

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I'm only 12 weeks so a long way from shower time, but it's the first baby in my family/friend group so everyone is super pumped and planning already.

My sister and my BFF want to co-host a shower for me. The problem is, they both live in tiny apartments so they have no clue where to have it. DH and I will be moving into a new, spacious house by that point and I thought about offering to just have it there. However, I'm afraid it would look strange to guests, almost like I'm throwing my own shower. What do you think?

ETA: Before anyone asks, they did ask me if I had any ideas of where they could host it.. I'm not just butting in!

Re: Baby shower at my own house?

  • I think if it's clear who is hosting based on the invitations, this won't look bad.
    At least it's not because you're meddling and too involved in the planning; they don't have a large space, they asked, you will have the space. I wouldn't judge you if I were a guest (and I can be pretty judgy ;) )
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  • As long as the invite directs RSVPs to one of the hosts you're fine.
  • This is fine.
  • I did this for a friend who had surgery on her foot and was in a cast and on crutches just before her adoption was finalized.  Also, her mom had early-stage Alzheimer's and my friend wanted the shower to be in a place that was familiar to her mom.

    She was also worried about the appearance, so here's how we dealt with it.  She and her H ran some errands while the hostesses set up and greeted the guests.  She arrived last, so that it was clear that she was the guest of honor.  Plus, her shower was small, and everyone knew her and her situation well enough to know what was happening.
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  • I think it's fine as long as it's made clear that you are not hosting.
  • I doubt anyone is going to comment about it. I think if your mom is there it will be quite clear who is throwing it. Mom's are usually the hosts, at least the ones I have been to, the mother is always the host, no question. I am having my shower at my house just because it is big enough and it's easier. 
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  • Thanks for the input, ladies! I feel better about it now!
  • I think it is fine. When you RSVP you do so to the host so everyone will know that it is not you. Plus you don't have to bring everything home after!
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  • I think it's fine. Here are some other ideas though in case you need them: rec center, apartment or HOA clubhouse, a library conference room, restaurant like Le Madeleine (been to a few here)
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  • One of my hostesses asked if we could do the shower at my house. It's no big deal. I won't do it there, though, because I have 30 people I'm inviting and if only half of them show up, it's too many for my little house.

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  • Mine was at my house and it was fine. The good thing is no need to transport presents, etc. Bsd thing is cleanup afterwards. The hostess and my family helped with cleaning, so it was okay. Just make sure you don't get stuck with a mess.
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