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Cloth Diapering

FTM with lots of cloth diapering questions!!!

I have lots of questions! So you don’t have to feel obligated to answer every one.. 
Thanks in advance ❤️❤️❤️

First of course, any tips or tricks? Pros and cons?

Do you use cloth at home and when you go out? Did people discourage you? Do they still? Are other family members willing to work with a cloth diaper when they watch baby?

What kind of detergent do you find works best?

Which type do you prefer (I’m thinking of trying both all in ones and pockets)? What brand do you prefer? How big is your stash (diapers and liners if you don’t use all in ones)? Where do you buy yours?

Re: FTM with lots of cloth diapering questions!!!

  • Here is the link I mentioned before: http://www.theclothdiapershop.com/Make-The-Switch-Trial-Package-price-incl-deposit_p_196.html it's a Canadian site, I'm not sure where you are from so it might not work for you but I'm sure there are similar sites that you can find! Also, shopping online, you can usually find a coupon code or sign up bonus and get a discount. So shop around once you know what you want to buy and even purchase from multiple sites. Or even buy used ones, you can get really good deals that way if you don't mind using other people's diapers.
  • It's unfortunate all the regulars left, was a very active board when I had #1. Pros-cheaper, no poop blowouts, you know what's on baby's bum, and you haven't contributed thousands of diapers to a landfill. Cons-extra laundry, addictively cute (you save less if you love pricy ones), and you get rolled eyes while pregnant (the doubters all shut up once I started using them and they worked).

    I did cloth from birth as a FTM, and was the first of my friends to have a baby. So while they were supportive, they were also curious and skeptical. My mom and sister had used flats and prefolds, so I had some experience with those. I did a ton of blog reading, decided to try a bunch of styles in newborn size before buying a one size stash. A newborn rental program is a cheaper way to do this-though newborn diapers have great resale value. I sold off the ones I didn't like. I kept sposies on hand for back up (I had a bare minimum stash for #1) and to keep in the bottom of the diaper bag (because cloth takes more space), but I used cloth 24/7, and will start from birth again with #2.

    I used fitteds, prefolds/covers and aios for newborn. I went with mostly pockets for one size because they were easiest for daycare and DH (once stuffed they are just like a sposie, but they dry a lot faster than aios). I recommend trying a few brands to see what fits best for you. My favourite covers for nb and os are Rumparooz. In fit, adjustability and durability they are miles better than grovia, flip or bummis in my experience. I have 5 different pocket brands I love, no clear winner there. And I used fitteds and wool at night from about 6 months on. Best fitted is Twinkie Tush, and for wool, sloomb, hands down, but they're very expensive, and you can get the job done with cheaper diapers and extra boosters.

    Stash size you need a minimum of 18 diapers for a newborn to wash every day. I did it, and don't recommend it :) I have 32 for baby #2. My original os stash was 22 pockets and 3 night diapers, washing every other day. I've got 47 this time (because I built up my stash with extra pockets for daycare, and enough fitteds for all day use while potty training). I have hard well water with a softener, and I use Nellies detergent. Your perfect detergent and routine will depend on your water and machine. Fluff Love University has excellent resources for starting out.

    Sorry this is so long! If you find a local cloth diapering group you'll see that it doesn't take much to get people talking about them :)
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  • shantyraeshantyrae
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    My story is almost exactly like @hollybear4 - only I have not had baby yet! I had discouraging comments left and right and people betting on how long I will last. The funny thing is, not a single one of those people had ever cloth diapered or attempted modern cloth diapering!

    We are starting on AIO and pockets also - this should help our daycare to not get discouraged since they're the most similar to a disposi. We received about 20 Charlie banana hybrids, a few Bum Genius freetimes (my favorites) from our regostry and then we bough about 8 alva baby diapers.

    ETA: we will be mixing NB disposi and Cloth in the beginning until she is big enough to fit her AIOs.

    Good luck!
  • Yep, had quite a few negative remarks, but just as many "that is awesome" and "way to go". The only negative I found when starting out is the initial investment, and that there are so many choices and decisions to make, and you can't really base them on experience since you have none, lol.
    I recommend a cloth diaper trial, like kelly's closet. You can try several brands for 30 days, risk free.
    We use cloth everywhere, and while my parents are supportive, when they watch my little one she usually comes home with a backwards diaper on (Oh Dad...). But kudos to him for trying!
    I have tried several detergents. Getting the right one is really important or your diapers can start repelling/leaking. After trial and error with a bunch of brands, Tide original powder was a huge winner! I've been using it for 18 months, not a single leak problem, and I don't have to strip diapers...ever!
    I have never found anyone who doesn't LOVE bumgenius 4.0. I loved them so much I sold my other brands and bought mostly bumgenius 4.0 with snaps (velcro wears out). I also use kawaii goodnight heavy wetters at night with 2 inserts, and they are perfect for overnight. No leaks! I bought 12 new on ebay for $80 and they are fantastic!

    I'm sorry I don't have newborn cloth diaper advice as I began when dd was 4 mo old. Good luck to you!

  • I am a FTM and am planning to CD our lil peanut, as well.  I have a long-time friend who used CD on her 2nd child. She potty trained much faster than her older sibling for whom they used disposables.  She loved SunBaby diapers so I'll probably plan to try those at some point.  I pick my friend's brain only seldom and only ever under the guise of "I know someone who is considering CD" as we're not ready for people to know I'm pregnant quite yet.  As an alternative to that, I've read about a hundred blogs and I frequently search for resources on Facebook (there are a ton of groups and because my sister has a child under a year old, most people assume I'm scoping it out for her - she's not on FB) and on Pinterest, where I can pin to my "secret" baby board.  Last week, I searched for cloth diaper retailers near me and found a store less than an hour from me that has a great option where you can try "cloth diapers for $10" - they send you a variety of diaper brands for around $90 and you try them for three weeks.  You send them back (stains don't matter) after that time if you hate them and they give you $80 in store credit. Not a bad gig since there's a ton of other stuff in the store I could easily spend that $80 on if I can't manage to find a single diaper brand I love.

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  • I use Bum Genius and Flip (made by Bum Genius).  Unless you have a big newborn, they won't fit a newborn, but I started using them regularly by about 13 or 14 weeks (my lo was just 6.12 when she was born).  I didn't want to buy nb size, since I didn't think I'd need them long enough (hah!).  These two types will last me until she's toilet trained though!  I didn't have a 'trial' service near me, so I went with recommendations, and cost.  Flip are cool - same cover as the BG, but reusable shells.  I ended up getting 36 inserts, which I know now is waaaaay too many - I think the estimate of 12 diaper changes a day is too big, but maybe it's just my lo.  Even changing her every 2 hours in the day, I'm washing them every third day anyway.

    I use Laundry Tarts soap, and have Bum Genius brand when I run out of that.

    I still have some disposables left from the last box I had to buy, so I am using those at night for now.  I have doublers for when I move to the disposables at night.

  • I started with prefolds and covers, and later switched to flats. I have a few pockets and AIOs, but much prefer the simple and cheap flat and cover combo.

    I wash with tide.
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  • I'm a FTM also and am considering cloth diapering, but I don't know anyone who's done it before. So possibly stupid question, but what do you do with the diapers while you're waiting to wash them (like storing them and keeping them from stinking up the whole house)? And do you rinse them off first or just throw them in the washing machine? I'm so on the fence about this because we live in an apartment and share washers and dryers with the whole complex, so I'm not sure if that's something I need to consider or not.
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  • Piggy backing on this.... hoping to CD after the first week and had planned on using prefolds for a tight fit with a best bottom cover (we expect a 9+lb baby)...

    Has anyone done this then switched to the inserts? Also how practical am I thinking I can just use flushable inserts all the time tale cleanup a bit easier?
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  • crsanchez87crsanchez87
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    I keep mine in this diaper pail 

    and add a little baking soda when its getting stinky. I wash every 2-3 days and never have a problem with a stinky nursery. Newborn baby diapers do not need to be rinsed, their poop is water soluble and their diapers can just be thrown into the washer. 
    DS has started solids so I am now spraying the poop into the toilet and then putting it into the diaper pail to be washed later. I use this to spray them.

    It's really easy and I don't have to touch the poop or put my hand into the toilet to swish it, which some people do. 
    I use both prefolds and covers and i also use pockets for daycare and when we are on the go. I use disposables when we are out of town because i don't like to travel with dirty diapers. 

    I have flushable liners, I just do not use them, I find it adds an extra step that I don't want to do. I think if you are a SAHM, flushable liners are a little more doable. But you usually aren't able to predict when LO is going to poop so you'd use a flushable for each diaper, So it kind of makes the idea of using cloth redundant. 
    If there is a big window, patio, or glass door in your apartment. I would consider getting a drying rack and line drying your diapers. It's the best way for them to dry and then you don't have to worry about paying to dry them in the dryer. 
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