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Anyone taking oral progesterone 200mg to sustain pregnancy?

My high risk doctor put me on 200mg progesterone 3x/day to help sustain my pregnancy. I have had 2 miscarriages in the past and I'm 40 years old. I had to back off to taking it 1x/day because it made me so tired and dizzy that I could hardly function. Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: Anyone taking oral progesterone 200mg to sustain pregnancy?

  • Take it vaginally as a suppository. It will help with the symptoms.
  • I just spoke with my RE and they prescribed me a progesterone suppository. They told me they prefer the suppository to oral to reduce any side effects. I have no first hand experience since I haven't even taken my first dose yet but I would talk to the Doctor and see if switching is possible and if it would help.


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  • Injections. Until 10 weeks. But I did FET cycle

    Pain in the ads (no pun intended) but so much easier to tolerate plus no goop.


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  • Thanks ladies! I stopped using the suppositories after 3 days because they gave me a yeast infection. As if I wasn't feeling bad enough already! 
  • I have progesterone in oil. I inject 1ml in my upper outer butt each evening.
  • ahaspel said:

    My high risk doctor put me on 200mg progesterone 3x/day to help sustain my pregnancy. I have had 2 miscarriages in the past and I'm 40 years old. I had to back off to taking it 1x/day because it made me so tired and dizzy that I could hardly function. Has anyone else experienced this?


    I took it while in the first tri. I took mine at night so the side effects were not as bad.
  • I am doing the 100mg tabs vaginally 2xday. I am experiencing headaches, nausea, and drowsiness. These could also be pregnancy side effects so I'm not sure which is the cause.
  • I took them last pregnancy and still the low dose messed me up! Luckily I don't have to take it this pregnancy, my PCP called and told me my levels were 13

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  • I take it at night in suppository form. No side effects that I know of. If there are any they are mild and could be contributed to early pregnancy. I'm also on estradiol 2mg. Considered high risk as well. Age 40. One previous loss. Good luck to you! 
  • I started the 200 mg capsule last night vaginally. My level dropped from 18.3 to 13.3 so doctor wanted to be on he safe side!
  • I take them twice a day orally and they literally made me feel drugged up and incoherent. Now that I've been on them about two weeks, side effects have majorly subsided! Just give it time. Your body will adjust and remember, even if you weren't taking them to keep your levels up, you would still have similar feelings as the levels naturally rise. Best of luck!!!
  • I've been on 200mg for a few days now. My levels were 9.5 and my dr said he wanted at least a 12. I panicked and cried for hours that day but I'm feeling more optimistic now. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Best of luck to you as well!!!

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    I just started taking them Wednesday.  Except my doctor told me to take them vaginally because it gets into your system a lot quicker than if you take them orally.  And then there is the side effects.  The side effects are less vaginally than orally.

    My level was 8.9 on Wednesday and my hcg was 460.  Had blood drawn today (Friday) and have not heard back any levels yet.

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  • My progesterone is always low in pregnancy at 10dpo this time it was 9.  I have been on 200 mg twice a day since and yes I feel dizzy about an hour after I take it but it subsides so I can handle it.  My level was 36.7 the next time they took them with taking it twice a day.  Good luck!
  • I've been taking Crinone 8% suppositories since a few DPO (now at 6 w+ 3d).  I take it in the morning as my dr. said that laying down for 15-20 minutes after inserting it is enough time for all of the medication to absorb, and there is less build-up than taking it at night.  The goop is annoying, but easy enough to clean out every other day so it doesn't get irritating.  No side effects to speak of, and my level ranges from about 26 - 29.  
  • Hi everyone, my doc has given me 300mg orally 1x day in the night for 1 month. Haven't been feeling any side effects. Probably taking it at night helps
  • I've been on Prometrium 200mg twice a day since after ovulation (we were doing fertility treatments). I was tired the first few days, but then the other symptoms were pregnancy-related (I had taken it a few times before and only got the bit of fatigue initially).
  • I did a FET cycle and I'm on suppositories and injections
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  • I started taking them. Both my progesterone and HCG are on the low side. We get more blood work done on Monday.

    I take one 200mg tablet By month at bedtime
  • I have had two miscarriages this year so my Dr put on 100 mg of prometrium three times a day. I'm SUPER bloated but am not sure if that's bc of the prometrium or bc of the pregnancy. Otherwise I feel ok from it. I'm tired and I feel hungover and my boobs hurt but I know that's bc of the little bean :)
  • I'm on 200mg vaginally at night and I'm not noticing any side effects. I'm hoping it helps this bean stick. My first BW came back with low HCG and progesterone.
  • I had a miscarriage back in May so this time when I had a positive test this past week, the doctor had me go get my hcg and progesterone levels tested. The hcg is fine but the progesterone was 20 then dropped to 18 in just 48 hours so the doctor has me on the progesterone vaginal suppository twice a day. I'm not thrilled about this and had a freak out when I read the allergy warning. Who puts peanut oil in hormone pills?? Luckily I have not had any serious reactions. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing severe leg aching. It did start before I took the first suppository last night so I doubt the progesterone is doing it.
  • I've had several miscarriages in the past so I am on 400mg of progesterone 2x/day.  I've been on it for almost every pregnancy except the 1st and 2nd.  My MW always said- you know it's not going to be fun, and you know you're going to feel like crap, but in the end it will be worth it.  At this point, after so many times being on it, I can't differentiate between what are normal pregnancy symptoms or progesterone symptoms.  I think dizziness and lack of energy are the main ones though.
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  • So there are specific progesterone symptoms? The doctor on call who called in my prescription told me not to read side effects because they would just scare me. I'm on 200mg 2x per day. I've never done this before...
  • For the suppositories, My dr mentioned that there's a gross waxy buildup that you have to scrape out of your vag like once a week. I just imagine pulling melted candle wax chunks out. Does anyone have experience with buildup or anything. What should I really expect?
  • Yes but 200mcg/1x day. If you can find natural progesterone cream (not the synthetic prometrium that the doc prescribes), I found it to be much easier on my body. Probably easier for the body to process as well since its natural and absorbed through the skin. Good luck!!
  • I take 200mg progesterone at bedtime orally. I haven't had any side effects. Best of luck!
  • The prometrium gives me heart palpitations and insomnia. I switched to taking it in the morning so those side effects wouldn't bother me as much. Now I just feel like I've had 5 consecutive cups of coffee....which means the crash after work is substantial. Hopefully RE will let me come off of this horrid medication when we go for our visit on Tuesday. Progesterone has never been an issue for me so I'm not sure why I'm on it to begin with.
  • I take 200mg of progesterone twice daily and a low dose aspirin. We've had 3 miscarriages and see an RE on wednesday to monitor the first few weeks of this pregnancy.
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  • I’m 39, taking it once per day for the first trimester.
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