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20 month talkin

hi, just wondering how everyone else 20 month is goin with their talking?

Re: 20 month talkin

  • My 19 month old still doesn't talk.  Just mama and dada.  Not too worried.  He understands everything and constantly tests us by holding objects out and waiting for the word.  If we say something else, he will wait until we are correct.  Its pretty funny.  Have a feeling once he gets going it will be a word explosion later.  We do have a referral for speech therapy set up from our doctor, so if we decide we need it, the process has already started.
  • DS had a word explosion after 18 months. He says "Hi", Bye, Nanna, row (he wants me to sing row your boat song), no and sit the most frequently. He'll repeat of word here and there but usually won't say it again.
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  • DD has been speaking since 12 months..by 15 months she was combining words and using 3 word utterances to communicate wants/needs. At almost 20 months she is using sentences..i.e. I want more cookies. At this point she has at least 100 words that she uses functionally everyday. Today she saw her grandfather pouring a drink for himself and grabbed her sippy cup, ran up to him and said I want that in the cup. I was amazed that she was able to formulate a sentence and use a preposition! #proudmommy Had to share my proud mommy moment ! :)
  • I agree with you @Devley526 ..every child speaks at a different time and that is completely normal. As a special education teacher I would say one of the more important milestones would be their receptive language. If they have a strong receptive language and understand verbal language then the expressive language is sure to follow.
  • I know ever child is different just wondering how everyone else's baby's r goin... My little girl is sayin about 50 words n she said Peppa (Peppa pig) for the first time today it was so cute lol just love how they say some of the words
  • My DS is knocking it out of the park! ---- er, relative to his sister.  My DS at 20m spoke 20 words and signed a handful more. My DD at 20m said 9 words, but signed over 10. I had early walkers, late talkers. On the other side of the spectrum I have a friend whose DD could identify numbers up to 20 by 20m (my 4 yr old still can't) - but she had significant growth issues. And a friend who's DD is 4 yr and still speaks very little (she's was in OT for a bit). Yes, all ways.

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  • My 21 month old has gone through a bit of an explosion in the last week or so. Prior to that, she would say 10-15 words consistently (mommy, daddy, downstairs, outside, please, thanks, what's that?, some, more, all done, baby, etc.) She has other sounds for different things, that I haven't been able to translate, however she says them consistently and in the same context, so I'm taking that as language development lol.

    In the last week, she has added another 10 or so words, with more coming everyday.
  • My 17 month old has a little over 100 words. Her language grew from 13-17 months. She just started 2 and 3 word phrases and I swear she was trying to sing twinkle twinkle little star. I am loving these stages but where did my baby go? 
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  • He's been doing 2 word phrases for about a month now and I swear he says way more than we understand. I have no idea how many words he has but its quite a few. He's big into repeating words right now.
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  • My 21 month old knows at least 75-100 words, and uses short sentences. His favorite is "I need cookie."
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