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Is It Normal To Feel This "Done"?

I'm 4'11" and normally 110 pounds. I'll now be 37 weeks pregnant with my baby girls on Thursday. My cesarean is right before I turn 39 weeks pregnant and because of hospital protocol it can't be moved up. I have the 'basketball in front' body type now. So about half my weight is my stomach now. I literally feel like my body is falling apart. My whole body is in pain all the time. Down to my fingers. The bottom of my belly developed this big swollen tender pouch that the doctors say is normal for twin pregnancies because of the stress from the weight. I feel like the next time I go to the doctors I am going to just break down in front of her. Is this normal to be this defeated?
Anyone else feel (or felt) this way during pregnancy? I'm not a hormonal person and I'm not a crier. I've only cried twice during this pregnancy and both times were actually warranted situations (if you know what I mean). I'm usually the person to get really angry instead of emotional but i literally just do not have the energy. Sorry for the rant. I just need to get perspective.


  • First I would like to congratulate you on being almost 37 weeks!!! Yay! Hopefully that means your girls will have no NICU time. What you are feeling is oh so normal! A twin pregnancy is no joke. Very very hard on the body. I felt sick, weak, and was in pain all over until the end as well. I am 5'4" and not thin by any means. I had my boys at 35.6. Baby A was 6 and a half pounds and baby B was 5 and a half pounds so they were big for twins. I would have loved to make it to 37 weeks even though my boys were only in the NICU for 6 hours. Your feelings are completely justified. The end seems like it will never get here, but it will and you will feel so much better! Even though I had just given birth I instantly felt better after they were born, but I delivered vaginally. I have no advice, I wish I did. I hope your girls come Thursday and you have a beautiful delivery.
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  • Yes totally normal! Hang in there & keep your eye on the prize(s). Once you have them in your arms, memories of the pain and uncomfortableness lift away & it all feels totally worth it. Do not feel bad if you have a melt down - I'm sure we all did at some point. Congrats!!
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  • I felt that way too, and I only made it to 36 weeks. Pregnancy is tough work, it isn't easy housing 3 people in one body. Hang in there, and FWIW I felt miserable toward the end of my singleton pregnancy too! 
    If it would help you feel any better to break down if front of your doc, I say go for it! I'm sure she's seen in before...
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  • Ummm I'm only 17 weeks and barely showing, but my hips are already sore. I'm already dreading what's to come, because with my first pregnancy (single baby) the 1st trimester was actually the best and then it just went downhill. I just want to skip to the part where the babies are here and we can enjoy being a family together.
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  • I will be 20 weeks Sunday and my abdominal hurts like hell. Boobs are so sore and I'm never full. I thought I was the only one feeling defeated. I also have a 1yr old stepson.
  • Yes I'm feeling done and I'll only be 28 wks tomorrow! Congrats on making it to 37 you are almost there!
  • Yes!! The last two months of my pregnancy were pretty miserable! Spent most the time on couch. I celebrated a little when they finally induced me at 37 wks.
  • Yes, I was so miserable the last 6 weeks. I should have bought a larger support belt, I think that would have helped the strain on my muscles and hips as mine kept coming undone and couldn't be worn at the end. Also, I was SO swollen and it only got worse after birth (c-section at 37 weeks), until I couldn't bend or sit at all due to the pain. I finally had a meltdown at the doctor's office 1 week PP, and was advised to cut salt from my diet. This was the best advice I've ever gotten. It was not fun cutting salt while trying to keep up calories, but I shed 30 pounds of water weight in 1 week and felt soooo much better. I think if I'd realized it earlier, it would have made the end of my pregnancy much more bearable.
  • Oh it is totally normal to feel like death. I'm 5'2 and fairly thin and I felt pretty good throughout my whole pregnancy until about 30 weeks, then I was just so uncomfortable and swollen- my ankles were soooo fat and my skin on my tummy felt like it was burnt , I couldn't even breathe properly and had to pee every 5 mins. I had a scheduled c section and it was amazing, I walked into the OR and got up on the table myself- the whole thing was over in 25 mins- seriously, it was easier and less pain than having my wisdom teeth out. Congratulations on making it this far! Time to get those babies out and you will have instant relief.
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