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Itchy and Swollen..?!

I am 18 weeks pregnant withy first baby. The past few days, my private parts have been itchy and swollen. It's unbearable and very hard not to scratch.

Is this normal?
What causes it?
And what can I do to help?

Re: Itchy and Swollen..?!

  • It sounds like it could be a yeast infection, which are common in pregnancy. I would visit your doctor to perform a swab test to rule out any other potential cause. If you don't do the swab test, make sure you speak with your doctor before treating the potential infection with over the counter remedies as some doctors request you treat the infection differently than instructed by OTC packaging.
  • If not a yeast infection, it could also be very dry skin. I haven't had that issue yet this time around, but with my daughter, it was awful. I didn't have any kind of infection, but I was very dry and itchy all the time. It stopped immediately after birth.


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  • I had this issue during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It was terrible and was caused by the hormones. It went away when I weaned my DD.
    To be honest, for your sake, I really hope it's one of the issues mentioned by the previous posters.
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  • This maybe too much info but check in between your labia folds as there maybe white residue from discharge etc. i always make sure to rinse this clean with water when i shower or go to pee etc as i find when it builds up, it can make me feel itchy.

    Also avoid using soap there as it changes the ph...
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