Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant after 2nd trimester loss

Hi! I'm new here... Lost my baby girl this June at 16w4d and have no answers as to why. Doctor asked us to wait 1cycle and we did... Found out I was pregnant last week so I think I'm 6w1d. I'm so nervous and scared. I have a viability scan tomorrow and I'm hoping for good news!!! My last pregnancy I was so disconnected but it feels so different this time... I'm scared to let the happiness in. That was my second pregnancy and first loss. I have a DS who is 4yo.

Re: Pregnant after 2nd trimester loss

  • So sorry about your loss, can't imagine how difficult it would have been. I had an mmc in June at 8 weeks and same as you doc told to wait one cycle and I found out I got pregnant after. Saw a heartbeat at 6w3d last week but am dreading the worst for my next appointment. I have zero symptoms to reassure me. Sorry if I ain't offering any solace, just know you're not alone.
  • The good news is that every pregnancy really is different. After my loss, I was worried that I'd just keep having loss after loss and never be able to have children (we lost our first pregnancy due to what we later discovered was trisomy 13). I'm currently 37 weeks and would you believe that I still worry?! But it's true that experiencing one loss does not make you any more likely to experience another one. Thinking of both of you ladies and your like gummy bears!
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  • @Skydance I'm so sorry! Thanks for commenting. It's helpful to know I'm not alone. I'm not feeling any symptoms either (which is very nerve wrecking) but I had zero symptoms with my first pregnancy and had a healthy baby...? @PlainJane8350 Thank you for commenting as well! I'm so sorry for your loss and that's so exciting about your new little bundle of joy!! I fear I will be so worried the whole time like you said. I hate that I can't be blissful for 40w like I was my first pregnancy. Do you know what your having?
  • @colleenflannery I didn't have any crazy symptoms with my DD and she was a healthy pregnancy. My second pregnancy ended in a loss and I felt uneasy that entire pregnancy and had worse heartburn than I usually have day to day among other symptoms. I am now almost 17 weeks with baby #3 and this pregnancy has been very similar to that of DD. The only difference has been my fear of losing this baby too, but I haven't had that same gut feeling that I had with the baby we lost. Hope this reassures you some, although I am painfully aware that nothing will calm nerves until we are holding our babies. Then comes the other worries that can happen outside the womb. Wishing you a healthy 40 weeks!
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