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I am 16 weeks pregnant and have never worked during a successful pregnancy. with my daughter i waa able to stay home, my previous pregnancy while working i lost the baby. Now im pregnant again and finding it very difficult to adjust to work that i have been doing for 2 years now. Ive been getting very pale, and barley stay up long enough when i come home to cook dinner. Plus the back pain ive been having isnt helping, my work is suffering because of it. How do you ladies handle work and pregnancy? Do you have any tips?

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    Hang in there, energy usually returns around 18w or so for a couple months. During 1st tri (and 3rd), my DH picks up the slack. When I have two "jobs": work FT and preggo, he has two "jobs": work FT and kids/household. Normally we split kids/household but I need near 12 hrs sleep to be preggo with my advanced age and high-pressure job.

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    I was very tired, pale, achy, low energy at work, too. It got much better after the first trimester but was always feeling a bit off and tired. Always nice when coworkers tell you how pale or tired you look, gee thanks!! Just pace yourself and take it easy, your health and baby's is most important, work will fall into place and you'll find a new groove. I found acupuncture to be extremely helpful! Had never tried it before but it helped my overall energy level, appetite and headaches/body aches. Also an iron supplement like Floradix (expensive but doesn't cause constipation like most iron) helps, tastes like a mouthful of nickels and is tough to take if you're nauseous but helps energy and fatigue. Good luck and don't overdo it at work!
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