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What does WakeMed Cary supply after Delivery

Just trying to get everything packed for labor in November and want to know if WakeMed Cary gives the mothers post delivery supplies like when I delivered in Hawaii? TIA. -Ashlie

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  • LFortin88LFortin88 member
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    They set you up with everything you need. Pads, mesh undies, you can get gel pads if you are nursing, diapers and wipes for the baby too. They don't give you enough to get entirely through recovery but enough to get you started.
  • AnnieK1980AnnieK1980 member
    Accepted Answer
    Yes exactly what was said. They are lovely there and especially loved the snack bar just for us. Just a random note- the futons for the guys to sleep on are so uncomfortable! Bring your own pillows
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