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Flu Shot

Ok so I have literally not gotten the flu or the flu shot since I was a kid. I really don't like the idea of getting a flu shot ever either. However my dr of course wants me to get it this fall & I would hate to not get the shot and wind up with the flu, but at the same time the shot is a guess at the strain that will go around this year and may not even be successful. How many of you have gotten the shot while pregnant & it been successful or not successful? I have already gone through a bat of my co-workers passing a very harsh cold to each other & strep throat & didn't get either, so I feel like my immune system is pretty strong (knock on wood). What does everyone else think?

Re: Flu Shot

  • The is one of the worst shots. They told me to get it while pregnant, basically begged and I said no thanks ! And to the baby never will I. Besides it probably not being successful nor safe I know a few people who have actually gotten the flu for the first time after the shot. My aunt got it for almost 2 months straight.
  • I am a Physician Assistant who works in urgent care and have done a lot of research on the flu and flu vaccine. Please do yourself a favor and get vaccinated. The flu vaccine does NOT cause the flu. Your best resource for information regarding this subject is the CDC website. It is definitely safe (unless you have an egg allergy). My 7.5 month old is getting hers next week.
    Even if the strand does mutate, getting the vaccine has been shown to lessen both severity and duration of illness if you were to get sick with an influenza virus.
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  • I've always gotten the flu vaccine. More so now that I'm pregnant with my third. I have never gotten the flu in the past 9 years that I have been consistently getting the vaccine. My girls just got their first dose (21 months and 8 months) and both are doing extremely well. I will always get the vaccine as it has prevented me from getting seriously ill.
  • I have received the flu shot for about the last 8 years now. The only reaction I had was a slightly tender arm for one day. Last year when I was pregnant, my daughter did give me the flu and the symptoms were very very mild and I think that was because I got the shot and started Tamiflu right away.
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