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baby shower involvement ?

So this is my first pregnancy . I have 2 bonus children. My mom offered to throw my shower out of state where I'm from and where she lives. My mil and SIL has offered to plan one here. Question is how involved were you with the planning part of your shower?

Re: baby shower involvement ?

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    You're technically not suppose to plan any aspect of the shower. If the hostess asks what you prefer (big vs. little shower, games or no games, your favorite food), then you can answer their questions within reason.  When my mom planned my shower, I did polite ask her to only have one game or activity, I hate games at showers.    Other than that, I stayed out of it. 

    You're just suppose to accept a shower graciously and  appreciate whatever the hostess plans.  
  • Hmm this will be hard. I'm an event planner and plan 90% of my family events. Will be strange watching from the side lines hoping it turns out
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  • Hmm this will be hard. I'm an event planner and plan 90% of my family events. Will be strange watching from the side lines hoping it turns out

    Well, as a professional event planner, you should have an even better handle on proper etiquette than the layman so it shouldn't be hard to step back and let the host plan. If they ask for help or guidance, great, put your skills to work. Otherwise, step back and graciously accept the gift that someone is offering. Trying to help b/c this is what you do for work can come off as "That's cute that you're trying to throw me a party but I know better. Here, let me do that". Just enjoy the fact that someone is offering to do this for you and step back unless asked for help.
    So much this.
  • @LovelyBride229 I am also an event planner and find it hard (at any party) to sit back and enjoy myself. I am always analyzing and wanting to get up and help. My mom and MIL planned my baby shower and wanted my input. I gave them an inspiration board that included some ideas for theme, decor, etc. They were grateful for it because they wanted to plan a party I would enjoy - especially knowing my personality.

    There are a lot of ladies on here that will tell you not to be involved at all... But if your host knows you and your career they might really appreciate your input. Just don't step on toes or overstep your bounds, even if they do ask for input/help.

    Also, bite your tongue if the event itself isn't going the way you would plan an event. The venue was not managing the event well at all and my mom was trying so hard to make everything work out well. Apparently they double booked my shower and another party and we're trying to rush things along. I was going nuts inside my head but again, it's not your place.
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