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When will period return?

question for all, how long after you gave birth until your period returned.
I'm not breastfeeding and i will be 10 weeks postpartum on September 5.
Just wondering if that is normal to not have a period yet?

Re: When will period return?

  • I have read most get their period around 10-12 weeks. With my first cs it was around 11 weeks I believe. But my 2nd cs I didn't get AF till about 13-14 weeks after. (Not breastfeeding)

  • I am BFing and my period returned a month PP. I guess it's just bad luck /: haha. But haven't had one since
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  • For my first it was 7 weeks and my second it was 10 weeks
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  • It honestly just depends. I nursed for 15 weeks and a couple weeks after stopping I got my period around 4 months PP. 
  • I don't stop bleeding for a few weeks after my surgery so I'm glad the period holds off. But if you have stopped bleeding I would give it a month or so then ask your doc.
  • 18 months with my first, around 12ish months with my 2nd. Aka, every one is differen.t
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