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Creative Suggestions for Sleeping Arrangements

Hi all! We will be taking a family vacation up to a condo in the mountains on thanksgiving. Twins will be 7 months old. The condo is pretty tight & we can likely only squeeze 1 regular-sized pack n play in there. They are already too big to share it so I am wondering where I should put the other kiddo to sleep? There is a pull out bed in the living room. Can he go in the middle of that with a "pillow boundary"? I imagine that isn't so good for SIDS risk. My LOs don't roll yet but I'm sure they will before Thanksgiving and I'm having a hard time figuring this out. TIA!

Re: Creative Suggestions for Sleeping Arrangements

  • Rather than pulling out the bed, why couldn't you set up a second pack and play there? We have vacationed with our twins twice now and if I had the option, I would rather let them sleep in 2 separate packnplays in one room and have us sleep in another. They are noisy sleepers!
  • @WillyBean - good thought! I could tell I was overthinking this....I guess I was worried about the second pack n play taking up too much space during the day but we could easily pack it up each morning until we needed it again at nighttime. Thanks!!
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  • Traveling with young twins can be so challenging can't it? 
    If you're worried about SIDS and pillows, you can do what we've done... which was to put pool noodles under the fitted sheet around the perimeter of the beds. 
    Or when they were really little, we traveled to a vacation home that had a trundle with huge drawers in it. We just pulled out the drawers and made them nice cosy little beds in those!
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