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build up of ear wax

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I've noticed a build up of ear wax in my LOs one ear. i know not to use a q tip bc it can push it further intothe ear canal, so I've been searching online and some articles say mineral oil and some say don't put oil in baby's ear bc it can damage the ear I've been thinking about trying coconut oil bc most of the articles say it can lossen the wax up and prevent ear infections. has any one else tried it? or is something else better? or Does any one have any better tips on how to treat it?
any advice would be appreciated! !

Re: build up of ear wax

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    I would just avoid doing anything/putting anything in LOs ears.  My LO's wax makes its way out to the edge and I just grab it with my finger when it does become accessible.
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  • In my culture people warm up olive oil and put a single drop in baby's ear, it's also used for adults. I personally wouldn't do it to DD (i might for myself though) but a lot of people do and my mother did it for me when i was a baby.

    If she's not LO is not bothered by it then you shouldn't be either, i know it's hard but what pp said.
  • thanks guys ! it doesn't seem to bother him so i think ill just wait it out !
  • I just use the tip of my nail to get it out
  • Ask the pediatrician to look at it. If there is a lot in there, s/he can use a special "hook" that is specifically made of that. 

     Otherwise, as the old adage says, don't put anything smaller than an elbow in your (or your baby's) ear.
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