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CVS or Amniocentesis??

Hi Everyone... I found out this week that I am a carrier for Fragile X :( We had our genetic counseling appointment today, and have decided to still try to do this naturally.  However, am now trying to decide whether CVS or Amniocentesis is the right way to go.  I am leaning towards CVS because I can't imagine going 16 weeks and then having to possibly terminate.  However, if the risks of CVS are too high, we will go with Amnio.  Would appreciate any info / recommendations from people who have gone through either of these (for whatever reason).

Re: CVS or Amniocentesis??

  • Hi! I just had my second CVS and it was painless and simple. It looks like you are in LA? Dr Williams at Cedars is literally one of the best in the world at the procedure. There is actually very little risk, especially with someone like him performing the procedure. Good luck!
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