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1 year anniversary

Has anyone had more than 1 missed miscarriage? It is the worst feeling after going through it- always questioning if your baby is okay and waiting for the next ultrasound... I have my NT scan scheduled for tomorrow at 12 weeks. It is also the 1 year anniversary of the ultrasound we had when we discovered our MMC last year. I almost changed the date, but I thought we could possibly make happy memories on this day to replace the horrible ones. I can't help shake this feeling of impending doom!

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    I can relate. In 3 weeks it'll be my anniversary (9 week mark) when we found out about the mmc. I've been patting my belly checking in on baby while trying to relax.
    Sending you good vibes!
  • I gave the really cute tank top away that I had on the day I found out so I know how you feel! I like replacing the date with a happier memory, though. I just remind myself how shocked I was when they couldn't find the heartbeat (they'd found it prior), so I never saw it coming and, so far, even when I've had anxiety attacks and made myself physically ill baby's been fine. I tell everyone that war veterans aren't the only ones with PTSD!
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  • My first loss was 8 months after my DD was born. I never had gotten my cycle back from breastfeeding so we didn't know how far along I was. I'm assuming 6 weeks. It was a blighted ovum that I passes naturally on Easter that year. My second loss was this past May at 9 weeks. I was alone for the "routine check" where they told me the news. My DH was out of town and still gone when I had my D&C. It was horrific. And it was DH's bday. So yes- the "anniversaries" hurt. But props to you for turning them around into happy memories. I still struggle with being excited about this pregnancy. But I'm trying to stay positive and not create bad luck for myself.
  • I believe in making a bad day a good day. We are going to announce if all goes well at my ultrasounds on my due date with our first child to try and make that day into something better.

    Also, by pure coincidence our due date with this child is a day later than when I found out about our MMC.

    I'm hoping that time of year can be salvaged because it is also my birthday.
    BFP 2/11/15 (EDD 10/13/15). MMC 3/30/15 D&C 4/3/15 "We will always love you"
    DD1 - BFP 7/23/15 (EDD 3/31/16).  "We believe in you rainbow" DOB 4/2/16
    DD2 - BFP 2/9/18 (EDD 10/19/18).  "Grow baby grow!" DOB 10/24/18
    BFP 11/16/20 (EDD 7/31/21).  "Round 3 FIGHT!"
  • Wow @bntfroggie - reading your post made me realize my EDD is a day after my anniversary of my MC, too. 
    Hope we can both make these sad days into blissful days! 
  • Thank you ladies for the kind words and making me feel not so alone! My NT scan today went very well. All looks normal so far! Hope I can relax some now. xox
  • So glad everything went well!

    I've had two losses, no births.  I realized today that my estimated due date with my current pregnancy is the same date as the D&C for my first loss. Here's to turning sad dates into happy ones!

    1: BFP 3/14/14; EDD 12/1/14; MMC with HB, D&C 5/8/14
    2: BFP 1/31/15; EDD 10/09/15; MMC with HB, Cytotec 3/16/15
    6/9/15 Diagnosed MTHFR Compound Heterozygous
    3. BFP 8/27/15; EDD 5/08/16

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  • @rojabonita thank you! And I agree! best of luck :)
  • I try and not think about it but of course it's always there. We found out on April 16 tgat we lost our baby at 11 weEks. No reason just the heart stopped within 24 hours of then. So I had a d&c on April 17. I am now a little over 8 weeks pregnant with a new baby and my brain didn't even correlate dates until doc gave me a due date of April 16.
    DH said.... this baby will be fine. God is sending us a baby to love and hold on the worst day ever. I sure hope he's right
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