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what kind of cloth diaper is this

Hi everyone,
I came across these diapers and didn't really have a chance to look them up. I've tried to find what kind they are to see how well they'll work or to start purchasing other kinds. I have had no luck figuring them out. I'm just learning cloth diapers. How do I find out what kind of diapers I have? There's no name on them only a tag with what I believe to be a size and the washing instructions. Anyone know of a way for me to find out what brand my diapers are?

Re: what kind of cloth diaper is this

  • With a question like this you need a lot of different eyes. Hardly any of the old regs come here any more. If you skim through some of the other recent threads, you might be able to find search terms for where they have gone.

    All I can tell is that it looks like some kind of OS pocket diaper. 

  • Thank you. I will try that. What does OS mean?
  • I found out what os means. Thank you
  • Looks similar to my softbums but the SB, that i have, don't have the crotch snaps. 
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