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Mom of newborn - interested in mommy group

Hi girls! I am a mommy to a 6 week old little boy and am trying to find a group of mommas in a similar boat. A lot of the existing groups that I found are either geared more towards older babies/toddlers and/or are located in North Austin (I live South). 

I'm 32 and this is my first child. I'm starting to feel a bit isolated and would love to find some mommas to meet for coffee, lunch, or the occasional, baby-free happy hour!  

Re: Mom of newborn - interested in mommy group

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    Hello! I live in northwest Austin but I'm willing to travel. I'm also looking for a group but I haven't found one just yet. Like you said, most are geared towards infants or toddlers. I know there's a few baby stores that have groups (such as the Natural Baby Co or Baby Earth) but likewise they seem geared towards older kiddos.

    I have a daughter who is almost one month old.
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