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Crying, won't play alone, help

Mu daughter is 16 weeks old. She has always wanted to be held all of the time & mostly be myself, but I am now so frustrated by it. She won't play on a play mat, gym, swing, rocker chair etc I've bought them all & she doesn't settle unless I'm interacting with her & it's hard hanging over a play gym for hours everyday. I've tried iPad, baby TV & music just to grab 2 mins to go to the bathroom but she just screams if I leave her. At night & naps she is also held until sleeping & transfered to cot/pram. I wouldn't mind if it was just a whimper of a cry but it is full on screaming so feel I can't even try to let her cry for a few mins. So for months I've been pushing her around my home in her pram while I eat, clean, make her feeds, even pushing her into the bathroom with me. Help!

Re: Crying, won't play alone, help

  • Sounds super rough! It is exhausting when you don't get a break! I would try baby wearing. I have worn my son in three different positions today alone! We just started back wearing yesterday and he loves it. The best part is that he often sleeps and I can even put him down and he'll stay sleeping!
    Keep up the good work, mama! it won't last forever- hopefully she will grow out of it soon and learn to entertain herself. I also can't bear to hear LO cry- so he spends a lot of time in my arms, but he does do tummy time for 15 min increments several times a day. And he lays and watches his mobile for long stretches. I would ask the pediatrician if anything could be causing her fussiness?
  • I know how you feel.  I hate to say this, because it annoyed me to no end, but it will pass!  In the meantime, I second babywearing.  We have a moby wrap, a ring sling, and a kinderpack that we use when C is being extra needy.  It's exhausting, I know.  Good luck!!
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  • I agree that baby wearing might be a good option for you. Although I know it's hard when they're attached to you 24/7. Also remember that it's okay if your baby cries for a couple of minutes while you go to the bathroom, get food, etc. I know it's hard listening to them cry but you also need to take care of yourself.

    I would also suggest trying to take a break of some sort. Have a friend come over and see if LO will stay with them while you get out. Even if it's just for a walk around the block or a solid nap. It can make a huge difference!

    Good luck! You're doing great!!!
  • DD was like that a while back, but she didn't scream, just yelled out some gibberish and then cry normally. I don't know if this helped her get over it but before i used to have her sleep wherever i am then i started putting her in a different room when she's asleep so she'd wake up alone.

    + soon enough you can start sitting practice, your LO might like that!

    I hope this passes very soon, i can imagine how exhausting it must be if you can't even have a bathroom break!
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