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Stinky Ear

My DS is a very messy eater & despite my best efforts to keep up with the clean up, he gets milk all over his face. I noticed his right ear started smelling very bad yesterday, presumably from some milk getting in there. He gets a bath daily including his ears but I am still smelling the stink today! I tried washing it very thoroughly with soap & water and also took a Q-tip through all the crevices (but not into the actual ear canal). Neither seemed to do the trick. Any suggestions?

Re: Stinky Ear

  • Are you sure it's the ear? My nugget gets milk in her neck, and is difficult to get into with all of her rolls! I'll think I get it in the tub, then dry her off and it's still stinky! We've been using a wipe each diaper change to keep it at bay :-)
  • @funkychicken789 - fairly certain it's the ear. He also gets massive amounts stuck in his neck rolls & we have to wash that area at least 3 times a day!
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  • I would talk to your pediatrician, you don't want it to turn into some kind of infection in his ear. My older son got a yeast infection in his neck rolls from milk when he was a baby.
  • Did you try behind the lower part of the ear? My dd was stinky and I thought I had cleaned well behind the ear but there was a lot tapped behind the lower part of the ear
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  • A smell from the ear can indicate an ear infection too.
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