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Baby slapping herself

Hi everybody.

I used to be very active when pregnant, but after I. was born and I got back to work things got quite hectic...

I would like to ask if any of you has experienced baby slapping herself.

My LO is 16 m.o. and when we say her "no", she slaps her head. Quite forcefully, I can add. We usually say "no" in a nice way, trying to not sound angry, but she does it anyway.

For example, after she drinks from he sippy cup, she throws it on the floor forcefully. If we say, no, give it back to mama or papa, she slaps herself. She doesn't do this at the daycare, she just puts her cup back in its place.

This is just an example, but she does this quite frequently.

She started doing this before starting daycare (last march), but it was much less frequent and we didn't give it much attention. But right now it's every time we say no.

I don't know if I should ask the doctor, ir if it's a common behavior that will eventually disappear...


Re: Baby slapping herself

  • I posted about this not too long ago. My LO does this too, along with banging his head on the floor....its super awesome :/. I've talked to several mommy friends, and I'm surprised how many say their kids did/do this. Between talking to them and reading online about it, I'm not real worried about it at this point. I am going to mention it at our next dr appointment and see what they say, but I think it's just a weird phase.
    I read and have been told that the best thing to do is ignore it, but sometimes I'll stop him, take his hand, and give him the "it's not nice to hit" speech (cause it's not nice, to hit yourself or others!).
  • Yep. My guy does this too when he gets frustrated. I try to tell him it's okay to be frustrated, but he needs to be kind to himself (and others!). It seems to be getting better as he has more ways of communicating with us. I'm hoping that continues to be the trend.
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