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I'm going to a shower this weekend and the hostess requested that everyone bring a package of diapers for the mom-to-be.   I have no experience with babies and I don't know what size/type to buy.  Any suggestions?  

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    Size 1 or 2 pampers are my favorite but Luvs are cheaper and fine!
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    I would bring a variety of sizes, not just newborn. The momma to be will need multiple sizes, maybe bring a newborn and then 1 size up like a 1 or 2.
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    MyCousinVinnyMyCousinVinny member
    edited September 2015
    Well, since diapers are expensive and I don't have extra money to buy multiple packs in different sizes, I'd probably buy one package of either Size 1 or Size 2.  

    We use Target brand.
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    Before I answer, I just want to ask.  DO you want to spend your money on diapers  or would you rather spend it on something else ?

    If you would rather spend your money on something else, I would do so.

    If you are happy giving diapers, I would buy size 1-2.
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    I don't buy newborn diapers for baby showers. Most aren't in them long enough to build a supply. For my brother and his wife, I bought two boxes of 1's, two boxes of 2's and one box of 3's. I also bought a lot of wipes. But, I also tend to go overboard with anything involving my nephews. I also got an awesome deal on everything because the local K-Mart was going out of business, so it was all half-off.
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