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Lack of symptoms

I found out that we are 5 weeks pregnant after having a missed miscarriage at the end of June at 10 weeks. This pregnancy feels so different though- no morning sickness, no tender breast, no nausea every time I see or smell food. I know each pregnancy is different- but has anyone had something similar? We are very excited, but as silly as it sounds, feeling sick at least would give me some comfort that things are moving along ok...

Re: Lack of symptoms

  • Sorry for your loss. Congrats on your BFP! I have a healthy 3 y.o DD and with her pregnancy my ONLY symptom was extreme fatigue, nothing else. I also had a mmc and i had so many symptoms with that pregnancy; nausea, cravings, aversions, bloating. I am now almost 16 weeks pregnant and this pregnancy has been very similar to DD's pregnancy. Only with this one, I notice less fatigue (maybe because I am always fatigues with a toddler), bur more food aversions. I have also lost weight with both healthy pregnancies, but gained with the pregnancy I lost.
  • You're still a little early, my symptoms didn't kick in for a while. The only thing I noticed really on was heart palpitations and I'd wake-up hungry (I'm normally not a breakfast person). I know it's hard, but try to remind yourself that every pregnancy is different. May be they can check your hcg and progesterone levels a couple of times one week to give you peace of mind?
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  • This makes me feel better.  I'm only 13dpo and haven't even missed my period yet, but last time I had sore breasts by now and I don't even have a hint of it yet.
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  • I don't remember having symptoms with this pregnancy until sometime between 6 and 8 weeks. Then once ms showed up I had it until 20+ weeks
  • I'm wishing I had journaled with my last two because I can't tell if it's too early or I have a lack of symptoms that should be there. I'm not 5 weeks yet. Of course after losses the brain automatically jumps to worse case. I'm making notes this time for future reference. I think I have some mild symptoms, but can't tell if I'm making them up because I want them there. I figure I should start feeling things in a few days to a week.

    Good luck! Here's to looking forward to feeling miserably pregnant :)

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  • Hey I had a miscarriage on July 14th, my symptoms with that pregnancy were horrible! My boobs were so sore and huge and I threw up everything, I'm now 3 weeks pregnant and all I have is extreme nausea , no throwing up, and tiredness... And well today I'm very moody. I think every pregnancy is different .. I have 2 kids and I had no symptoms with either of them, my miscarriage I had every symptom and now this one is not so bad... Really missing enjoying my food though :) good luck to you
  • You're definitely not alone! I'm in the same boat - I had such horrid nausea with my first pregnancy...and nothing this time! I've actually been praying for morning sickness, too! The midwife said it can be normal not to have any or for it to take a while...put I'm on pins and needles and will be for a while!
  • I had a MMC in December at 9 weeks and so many symptoms. I'm 17 weeks now and had nausea in the afternoons (but no vomiting) of the first trimester and way fewer problems with odors, foods, and breast pain(they were sore--just not like I was getting stabbed). Everything looks fine so far--we saw our baby girl last week and she looks healthy), but it's so hard not to worry. Hopefully, you'll have an easy pregnancy (aside from the constant worrying)!
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