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Mini Pill

Is anyone here on the mini pill and did it make your period stop showing up? This is my first month on it and my period is 2 days late. Honestly, this is my first time taking birth control pills so I'm not sure what is normal.

Re: Mini Pill

  • I haven't had a period since I started them 3 months ago.
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    Whew! Very reassuring. Do you know why it causes that? That's nice though to skip periods... I don't miss it
    I just didn't want to be pregnant. Lol took a test today to be sure. Negative hallelujah lol
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  • Thanks for posting about this! I've been taking them too and I'm so nervous that I haven't had a cycle yet! I think because the mini pills don't have an "off week" the menstrual cycle is skipped.
  • I got my period each month after birth but it stopped once I started taking the mini pill so I had a mini heart attack until I was like it has to be the pills lol
  • I think it's because the pill has such a low does of hormones, I think, that you have to take them consistently. Most other pills have a rest week where you have a period.
  • You are not supposed to have a period while taking the mini pill and breastfeeding ... I did have some breakthrough bleeding the first month, but nothing since ... I do take pregnancy tests quite often lol
  • Same as above - I've been on mini pill for nearly 3 months and no sign of any bleeding yet. Had a bit of a panic attack earlier reading posts about positive tests, but reassured that I'm not alone! Quite enjoy not having a period for a while!
  • Do most of you guys have your period again already?!?!
  • Well Im breastfeeding and taking mini pill and I think I got my period 2 days ago. Before it started I haven't spotted in a couple of weeks maybe 4 weeks...
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