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Cry it Out Method

Hi- my seven month old used to be a great sleeper but once he started teething he started waking up at least once a night and the only thing that makes him go back to sleep is a bottle when I know he isn't really hungry. Thinking of trying the CIO method. Does it really work?

Re: Cry it Out Method

  • It's hasn't worked for my daughter. She's 7 months and 1 week. She has one tooth in and I give her a bottle and some baby natural orajel. I rub her head and make sure her room is warm. Does the trick!
  • I've created healthy sleep habits following Dr. Weissbluth's book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child from about 4 months on... Crying it out has definitely worked well. We do still do a feeding, almost every night, but that is completely normal for this age... plan to phase it out soon. If he ever cries at a time when I know he isn't hungry, I let him. He needs to learn how to put himself back to sleep. It is a valuable lesson to learn, and the crying doesn't take very long (though it feels like it....) Stay strong mama!
  • Thanks! I know he isn't hungry just spoiled lol. And I know he can sleep through the night. The crying is getting better he went from crying for 45 mins to 30 mins last night so we are getting there
  • My son slept through night but at 3 months he started waking continuously through the night I thought it was a wee phase but he continued to waken up to 8 times a night until I couldn't take it any more so at 7 and a half months I took the dummy of him as he was wakening for this during the night and ever since it's like a new baby he sleeps from 8.30pm to 4 for a bottle and Bak down again until 7.30am :) letting him cry it out wasn't that horrible he wasn't screeching the house down and its the best thing I've done :)
  • My sons pediatrician does not recommend the cry it out methods due to the fact that new studies have shown that it contributes to trouble bonding later in life. My son is ten months and wakes up twice a night and I feed him and put him back to bed. It works really well for us.
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