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Bleeding bleeding bleeding!

I guess I should start out by saying this might be a little tmi.. My daughter is 16 weeks old and I have been bleeding for a total of 13 of those weeks. I bled the first 6 weeks after delivery and after a week of nothing I started my period! I was ebf. Once that ended I had the mirena put in which gave me another 2 days of bleeding but then I thought I was in the clear.. After about a week I started bleeding again and it still hasn't stopped. On top of that now I'm getting a lot of clotting. Doctor says as long as the clots aren't bigger than a GOLFBALL then I'm fine! Has anyone else been experiencing this?? I'm miserable

Re: Bleeding bleeding bleeding!

  • YUP. I'm right there with you. Bled for 6 weeks PP, got the arm implant instead of IUD, had a week of no bleeding, and then have been bleeding since 7 weeks PP. I'm pretty much done with the implant now. I think I read to give any hormone implants up to 2 months to regulate but then after that, whatever symptoms you're getting are bound to stay. I'm not heavily bleeding but it's a little bit every day. I don't particularly want to wear pantiliners for the rest of my life so I'm going to ask to get my implant removed.
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    Since I received mirena I have been bleeding all but maybe one week and it has now been 5 weeks. I am trying to wait it out a little longer to see if it gets better.
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