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Siblings at the hospital question

As of right now, I have requested a c-section on a Wednesday as DD2 goes to daycare Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. DH will sleep at home with her, and drop her off at daycare each morning. He'll work for a 1/2 day and spend a few hours with me and baby at the hospital before leaving to pick up DD2 from daycare.

When I'm picked up on Saturday morning, DD2 will come with DH at that point and meet the baby before bringing us both home. 

Does this sound like a realistic plan? My in-laws have offered to take daughter who will be 24 months old for the days I'm in the hospital, but I am concerned about breaking her routine and disrupting her further. I truly don't mind being at the hospital myself, I did it when DD2 was born. I'll be recovering from a c-section and working on breastfeeding, I don't know that I need someone sitting around watching me lol

Re: Siblings at the hospital question

  • I would take the help and have someone watch your toddler but that's just me. A couple days of a disrupted schedule isn't a big deal IMO. I also had some time alone in the hospital after each of my kids were born but I wanted DH there the majority of the time.

    In the end it's totally up to you and what you are comfortable with. If you like this plan then go with it :)

  • My hospital (I don't want to say "required") but strongly recommended that I have an adult staying there with me to support me.  My husband stayed up at the hospital with me, and our then 2 1/2 yo stayed with grandma and grandpa.  It worked out really well.  Maybe you could have the grandparents on standby and that way if you're feeling like you need your husband with you then you have a plan.
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  • I've spoken to my husband, and we found a common middle ground.

    She will still go to daycare during the day, and stay with my in-laws for 2 of the nights. My husband will be getting back to his parents house in time to do our bedtime routine.

    Sort of the best of both worlds lol.
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