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Hello! I am an American living in London, pregnant with our first (due 27/03/ be confirmed at our first ultrasound in 2 weeks!!) Moved here for my husband's job in March and LOVE the city. However, meeting new people and making friends has proven a struggle. I am a nurse at home, but not working here. We have the chance to stay on indefinitely, but I'm feeling the urge to move home with the baby coming and a lacking social circle. I wondered if anyone else is in a similar situation, or has been, and has advice. Thanks!

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  • Hi I'm not an expat but a Brit who lived in London for ten years before moving out to Berkshire. It is hard meeting people in London at first but it will get easier. Like any big city people are not friendly to strangers but there are some lovely people out there. You need to join clubs etc to meet people...I found a really good social circle by going to classes in a gym which was very cosmopolitan so made friends with Americans, kiwis, Europeans etc... You could try pregnancy yoga or Pilates and sign up for an Nct course (national childcare trust) to meet people in your area due around the same time as you! I don't know any other mums where I live and have signed up for yoga and Nct! You are not alone so hang in there! Which part of London do you live in?
  • I live in Islington. I do plan to sign up for prenatal yoga, but have to wait until 12 weeks before the local places will allow it. I did sign up for my NCT class, it's not until February though. Thanks for the tips, and the encouraging feedback. :)
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  • If you can work out try the gym classes at Virgin active Islington Essex road or angel. The les mills classes are usually quite sociable.
  • Hi @JodyRC!! I just saw this but I am also an American living in London. We're in Kensal rise and I'm due in February also FTM. We've signed up for bump and baby club which I know has classes in islington. Def pregnancy yoga and gym classes. London is tough, I've been here 5 years (just finished my phd and also not working atm) and I love it but I totally feel you being far from family and friends. I'm always happy to chat if you want more info just PM me. Xx
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