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13 month old has never STTN

HELP! My 13 month okd has never STTN. Its starting to drive me crazy!!! She wakes up at least 3 or 4 times a night. Sometimes i make her a bottle but she never drinks it just wants me to pop the dummy in her mouth till she falls back asleep. Any suggestions

Re: 13 month old has never STTN

  • What does you bedtime routine look like?
    What time do you put her down for sleep?
  • There is not enough info in this post. We need more details. There are TONS of things you can do but I have no idea if you are already doing them.
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  • My son is almost 13 mo. old and is just now STTN.  Honestly, he got much better after I went with my pediatrician's advice to let him cry sometimes.  For instance, if she's waking up give her at least 5 minutes to cry herself to sleep.  I know it's torturous because you just want to go back to sleep yourself.  But if you lengthen it by a couple minutes each night maybe she will eventually give up.  

    Another article I saw recommended putting them in bed and putting like 5-6 pacifiers all around her so that she is more likely to be able to find it herself and put it in her own mouth.

    Good luck to you!  The sleep thing is SO. HARD.
  • She only has one 2 hr nap during the day and usually wakes up at 1pm. She has dinner at 6.30pm a bath at 7.30 and in bed by 8pm. She has a bottle and falls asleep on her own. We have been doing this since she was 7 months old. The she is usually up by 11.30, ive let her cry it out it just gets louder and she gets more rilled up. I have NEVER taken her out of bed when she wakes up, usually just a dummy popped back in the mouth fix the blanket and off i go. Then again she wakes up at 2.30, maybe 4.30-5 and then shes up and awake by 7.30am
  • By "dummy" do you mean a pacifier? One nap a day for a 13 month old doesn't seem like nearly enough sleep but it must work for her. My kids would have been a mess with only one nap.

    I think at this point you have to do something drastic and stick with it. She needs your help transitioning from one sleep cycle to the next (you putting the paci back in) so you simply need to stop that. She knows that each time she wakes up in the night you will come in and help her fall back asleep. That's not doing her any favors and it's making you exhausted.

    I say either put like 6 pacifiers in bed with her so she can find one and pop it back in herself or just stop going in. If this were my child I just wouldn't go in during the night. Your LO isn't hungry, she's not hurt, she just wants you. I'd just stop and be consistent.

  • Thanks ladies all for your help! I will definatley try the 6 paci's and see how i go. If that doesnt help im gonna be strong willed and just stop going in at night. I shall keep you all posted! And @Bigboobsmcgee 1 nap a day is definatley NOT enough for me lol it does work for her though surprisingly but like you everyone says the same thing. Im lucky to even just get the one.
  • My son slept through the night for a week at about 20 months, and is back to waking several times. I just roll with it. My mom says I didn't STTN until I was 3.
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  • Chichigo said:
    My son slept through the night for a week at about 20 months, and is back to waking several times. I just roll with it. My mom says I didn't STTN until I was 3.

    I would totally not be ok with this! No way.
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