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any moms familiar with mastitis? I just returned to work this past week- I'm a nurse working 13 hour shifts. Busy days means only pumping every 4-5 hours when I was breastfeeding at home every 3ish. Yesterday I spiked a fever, in hindsight have had tender (and often) engorged breasts (due to new pumping schedule). I have also experienced a decrease in supply.

I'm thinking I'm in beginning stages of mastitis...or hopefully just missed it. What do I need to do to either treat it or maintain it at bay? Ouch.

Re: Mastitis?

  • Yikes! When I had mastitis I had flu-like symptoms and was down for the count for a couple days. It was bad. Antibiotics picked me back up. So, I would recommend calling the triage line or get seen before it gets bad.

    Clogged ducts are usually the culprit so unclogging is key and that's keeping the milk moving a little. Even if you hand express. You don't have to empty the breast like you do when you pump just a little movement through so it doesn't clog. If it's a stubborn clog there are lots of methods to unclog, like massaging it in a warm shower or nursing on all fours.

    Good luck, mama, I hope it's not mastitis!
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  • You need to see a doctor. Not to be super rude, but as a nurse, don't you have some resources to help guide you?
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  • Ibuprofen helped me with the pain. I had a very similar situation. I work at a hospital 12 hour shifts and the week I went back I couldn't pump as often as babe was eating. As soon as I could feed my baby off of me a few times I started feeling better and it quickly resolved from there. Good luck mama! I know how terrible the pain can's straight up aweful! Now If I start feeling lumps forming, I pump with the fast "let down" pumping for longer than normal and it has prevented it from getting any worse
  • Well.. Yes. But as an adult ICU nurse, all things baby are not my forte. I coukd just go as a L&D nurse/gyn but thought to take advantage of suggestions here... And I did go see a dr but wanted input on other remedies I could start in the mean time. Thanks tho!
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