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What Meals to make? Help!

My LO is growing like a weed and eating me out of house n home! Lol it's a good thing I know! What meals go over well for the sometimes picky 16 or 17 month olds?!? Please don't say Mac n chz or grilled chz! Tx

Re: What Meals to make? Help!

  • I feed C whatever we are eating for meals- tonight was kale, tomatoes and chicken (she mostly ate tomatoes and chicken).
    C is also always hungry so I make sure to give her good fats at each meal and snacks- so she gets a lot of cheese! Also adding olive or coconut oil to things.
    C loves scrambled eggs and we have them almost every day for breakfast and for dinner sometime too.
    One dinner C really loves is chicken sausage and roasted veggies.
  • Usally I make what I am making for us, sometimes modified to be "lighter". Yesterday it was chicken breast, potatoes and green beans. The day before vegetable soup with parmigiano and olive oil.

    Or I make steamed fish, with some olive oil, or pasta with tomato sauce or ricotta.

    Sometimes I give her a boiled egg and vegetables, or an omelette and vegetables.

    I make sure se eats proteins, fats (usualy olive oil), vegetables and carbs - if she's not eating pasta she gets bread or potaoes. She ends the meal with a fruit, right now it's grapes, a peach, watermelon or a couple of plums.


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  • Our LO loves ground turkey taco meat with corn and black beans mixed in. She's big on spaghetti too. I add diced carrots to the spaghetti sauce. It's actually really good!
  • Any kind of plain canned beans like kidney beans, garbanzo beans, etc. to boost protein and
    fiber along with all the other mentioned food. I just make sure to rinse them well beforehand. Avocado chunks. Any steamed veggie. Corn cut off the cob. Cream cheese on thin pita. Greek plain yogurt with honey. We finish each meal with fruit and also he has a mid-day snack with a protien like a cheese stick. These are just additional ideas, we feed him what we eat and I try to make enough to have left overs the next day for lunch.
  • My DD eats whatever we eat. She really likes anything with sausage or diced chicken. Look up the BBQ King recipe from the Abs Diet - my kiddo gobbles that dish UP. Also she really likes the Sausage and Kale Cassaulet from Budget Bytes. For chicken, I make things like fried rice with the chicken, broccoli, carrots and peppers. Oh, and she really likes pork chops!
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