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Help! Growing Pains? Sleep Issues

So my DS is almost 12months. he has had a great schedule sleep wise until just a few days ago. his normal routine is bedtime at 8. he half wakes up at 11/12 for a bottle and then again at 4/5 and then wakes up around 8 plays until breakfast at 9... but the past few days he has been waking up at 2 on the dot just crying like he is in pain. I usually bring him into bed with me (his pack n play is right next to the bed.) to get him to calm down and snuggle. he then tosses and turns like he cant get comfortable and cries and falls asleep for a few minuets then wakes up screaming tosses around then falls asleep for a few min repeat until about 4 when he wakes up fully and wants a bottle then is fine. at first I thought it was gas so I rubbed his tummy and peddled his legs. nothing... the only thing that seems to help is if I massage his hips and low back and patting his bottom. I've also checked for leg cramps but nothing there either. any advice? he has just recently started taking his first unassisted steps. could this be growing pains or just new use of his muscles with walking? I just find it odd that it happens at the same time every night. needless to say this is killing me on sleep as I am also almost 12 weeks pregnant.

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Re: Help! Growing Pains? Sleep Issues

  • Great sleep schedule?! He still wakes up twice a night! Sorry, that's not the point.

    Sounds like your son is very used to waking up in the night and needing you to help him fall back asleep. He's still by your bed in a pack n play which makes it extra hard for him to fall back asleep on his own. I would guess teething over growing pains but I'm not a doctor. IMO this is happening the same time each night because he's probably moving into a new sleep cycle but can't get back to sleep on his own.

    This is most likely just a phase and will pass. Sleep is constantly changing with kids and doesn't stay the same for long. My 3.5 year is pretty consistent but even he doesn't keep the same sleep patterns for long. I know you're pregnant and tired but with a 1 year old, you will be kept on your toes and that isn't going to end anytime soon.


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