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Sleep regression?

This is my first post :). Our little one was sleeping thorough the night (9pm-6am) regularly for months. She just turned 8 months. For the last few days, she's been waking up crying and hungry 2-3 times after we put her to bed.

Anyone else experiencing this? How did you deal? I've been reading about sleep regression, which happens around 8-10months. Any ideas?

Re: Sleep regression?

  • Yup my LO wakes up once a night around 4-5 am. She's been sleeping 12 hours a night since 3 months until now! I suspect it may be teething though. Have you tried giving a sip on water and just let them know you are there? I usually don't feed her if she wakes. Just water some cuddles and back to sleep
  • Thanks! I'll give that a try. Her first little tooth is peeking through! So maybe it's from teething? Good luck to you!! Thanks for the tip :)
  • This happened to us at around 8 months.  Lasted for about a week a week and a half.  Then LO got her 2 bottom teeth.  Now at 10 months the same is happening.  I can see a little bit of one of her top teeth. 

    Teething is no fun.  I don't nurse or feed when she wake up at night.  Just lots of cuddles and rocking. 
  • Sometimes it can be a development leap. We are at 8 months and sleep is haywire. There is an app called The Wonder Weeks and it can help you navigate what LO is going through at any given time and what to expect. Sometimes it is teething and sometimes just their development. All of the time it is no fun!
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  • You're right, teething is no fun :(. At least it doesn't last forever! Thanks for the heads up at 10 months! Good luck!
  • I'll check the app out! Thanks!
  • We are going through the exact same thing with our little one. It's been going on for about 3 weeks now. She was sleeping from 9- 7:45 ish but is now waking up around midnight and then again around 3-4 and again at 6 and refuses to go back to sleep in her own bed. We've even tried putting the pack n play in our room and putting her in it but the only thing that works is me holding her and she usually wakes back up when I put her down. My husband and I are at a loss. We are both so exhausted and willing to do anything to get some sleep. We didn't even have it this bad during the newborn days
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