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My dog knows

anyone else have pets that know something is different? We have three dogs, but my eight year old springer has alway taken to me. He always liked to be in the room, but now he is always laying at my feet. Or he's leaning against me, even giving snuggles and kisses which he never used to do. He's such a good dog!

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  • My dog could tell that something was up at around 8 weeks. She then spent the next two months making it very clear she was not happy with the change in circumstances. She didn't even want me petting her for a while. She's finally come around and is back to her usual snuggly self.
  • My dogs still ignore me the same as before... Lol. They'll be in for a rude awakening when baby gets here!
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  • My dog absolutely knows. His behavior has changed so dramatically that I actually had a vet appointment with him last month to make sure nothing was medically wrong. The vet said she was 99% sure the changes were due to the dog sensing my pregnancy.
    His changes mostly center on his sleeping behaviors. We used to cuddle all night (sorry hubs) and now he doesn't settle down with me at night, he jumps on and off the bed all night. The vet said we produce more heat when we're pregnant which some dogs don't like and also are moving around more in our sleep which could also be annoying him.
    I hate it! I want my snuggle partner back!
  • I'm pretty sure my dog is still clueless. She thinks my bump is a nice new place for her to sit, and jump off of. She's a very small breed so im not worried about this harming the baby, but I'm just sure she is clueless. She also thinks all the new things we bring home for baby must be for her, especially stuffed animals!
  • My dog definitely has an obvious preference to my hubs, but more recently is always at my feet and leaning on me and giving me kisses. He's a pretty rambunctious pup normally, so I believe his affectionate gentler side is because he senses something is up. :)
  • My pit bull is oblivious. She's normally a very sweet, snuggley dog and that hasn't changed. It's my springer that has been extra clingy, he's always been the smart one in the pack
  • My dog is oblivious, my cat follows me everywhere and now sleeps with me :/

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  • I don't think my dog has noticed. And if he has, he definitely doesn't care!
  • My dog definitely knows and her protective instincts are ramped way the hell up. She growls and barks at everyone and everything that comes anywhere near me if she doesn't know them. She doesn't act that way with just my husband, but does if I'm with them. It's annoying. 
  • I wish my dogs sensed something! They seem to be clueless and are carrying on as normal trying to play fight me and climbing all over me. Hopefully they'll understand a bit more when I get bigger or at least when baby is here!!
  • It was so weird, our dog knew (or at least smelled something different, hormone wise) the very first weekend I was pregnant.  He peed on the floor twice, right in front of us (which he NEVER does) and would not leave my side.  I went out with him to our favorite coffee shop and he barked at every other dog or person we saw that weekend (again, which he NEVER does.)  But it's funny, after that weekend he calmed down and has been normal ever since.  

  • My cat is a total a hole when I'm pregnant. Last time I thought it was just a weird phase, but it stopped when I had the babies and started back up this pregnancy.

    He hunts my ankles and shins and wakes me up by meowing loudly at dawn every day. Last night I slept in the guest room because I'm sick and didn't want to keep DH up. Cat came in there to wake me at dawn. Total a hole.
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    Our dog did with our son. All of a sudden one day she hurried over and smelled my belly and from that day on she checked on my belly regularly :) also, the day we brought him home, she was all about him and as soon as she got to see and smell him she hurried over smelled my belly and hurried back to him. It was so sweet! And now he's 3 and absolutely loves her! She's been a lil second momma to him too, I have so much fun watching them together.
    She hasn't really noticed this pregnancy yet though.
  • I think my dog might be onto me? Although I'm not sure if he actually is being extra annoying or if my patience for him is just less. He just always seems to be in my face, whining and wanting to be near me and under foot. Hubs doesn't think he's acting different but he also works out of town and doesn't witness our day-to-day. 
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  • My pug was 6 months when we lost our ds at 15 wks..he just cuddled with me for a week during my grieving he is 4 and all over me again... Follows me everywhere and whines at nite when he wants me to lie down with telling me it's time to rest...he is just to cute
  • If my cat knows, then he's mad as hell.  He won't leave me alone when I am trying to put my feet up in the evenings!  He claws my couch, bites my elbows...

  • Cats r have a 24 lb cat and he likes to b left alone usually. Lately when I lay on the couch he jumps up and spreads out right on my belly...sorry big boy, but I can't take that much weight on
  • I think my dog is oblivious. Although he does follow me around everywhere. (even in the bathroom.) and is always at my feet. Even in bed. Sometimes I'm like "move". He just stops right in front of me. 
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  • leap_frog said:

    I think my dog is oblivious. Although he does follow me around everywhere. (even in the bathroom.) and is always at my feet. Even in bed. Sometimes I'm like "move". He just stops right in front of me. 

    "Move" was the first thing I had to teach my dog when we adopted her. To this day, it's the only thing she'll do for me without the promise of a treat.
  • We had a cat when I was pregnant with DD. He was my baby until there was a real one and was NOT happy with the impending addition. Ended up peeing and pooping everywhere but in his box, and purposefully right in front of me, kind of as an "F YOU!" But he still wanted to snuggle CONSTANTLY, until I went into labor and then he was nowhere to be found. Go figure... Needless to say, he's now with a friend of the family who is a single bachelor living alone. Cat is loving the one on one with his "new" daddy-person now!
  • Both my dogs know, I talk to them about it all the time! (I'm a ftm and my husband works 3rd shift so it's not uncommon for me to have full conversations with my dog children) anyway, I'm pretty sure they both want a baby sister which is good because that's why they're getting lol

    I'm seriously a crazy dog lady, my dogs are my entire world, and I have come to terms with this and am totally ok with it lol
  • I am the same dogs r my children. I have been off work for 2 months now and I am becoming very fluent in the pug language. Lol
  • I don't think my toy poodle and shiz tsu know.  they continue to use my belly as a launch pad when I'm lounging on the couch!
  • @Brianna0915 I am also a crazy dog lady. We have 3 dogs, one is a 60 pound pit bull who sleeps under the blankets with us and loves snuggles
  • My dog has started to smell my belly! I heard that if my male dogs were really close to me and cuddle with me more than usual, I was having a girl. I am having a girl and feel that they are very protective!
  • I noticed my pug, Otto, started getting clingy around 5 weeks when my morning sickness kicked in and at 22 weeks, he still has to be right with me or he whines. I've read that animals cause sense our hormone changes. I believe he is excited to meet his little sister!
  • My cat totally knows. She sleeps laying against my stomach. She will jump up and knead on me but stays away from my belly. She has known since day 1.
  • Awww..he is adorable boone...I am a total pug lady!! Yep, guilty.
  • My dog's behavior hasn't really changed. The only thing different is that he doesn't like to cuddle with me at night anymore. :(
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