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Chicco Cortina Together vs. Countours Options Elite

I am very torn between the Chicco Cortina Together and Countours Options Elite tandem strollers.  Both have a nice write up on Lucie's list.  The latter seems about 4 lbs. heavier and has the stadium seating (that phrase cracks me up), but otherwise they seem very comparable.

Does anyone have experience with these strollers that can help me make a decision? I really appreciate it.

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Re: Chicco Cortina Together vs. Countours Options Elite

  • We have the Contours Options Elite and love it.  It is so versatile and I love that you can have the flexibility to have the seats face different ways.  Also, with the carriers its really nice that it can double as a snap and go  too.  The sun shades on the Contours are much larger and you have the ability to have both seats go pretty flat.  Good luck.

  • @mrsht thanks for you reply!  Do you have an issue with its size fitting in the trunk of cars?  We will have an SUV but I read it can be tight even then.

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  • @happyandhoppeful3....We have a mini-van and it fits in the back perfectly.  Once we found out we were having twins we had to get a larger vehicle and started looking at SUV's but it seemed as most SUV's with a 3rd row had very little "trunk" space.   I am sure if you went to BRU they would allow you to take one out of the store to see if it will fit in your trunk.  Good luck!
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