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Weight loss

I have about 15 pounds left to lose and have been struggling to lose them. I have been running walking 2 miles and few days a week. Anyone else struggling? Any suggestions for workouts.

Re: Weight loss

  • I have about that much left as well. I am no help with the exercise advice because at the current moment I am sitting on the armchair nursing the baby and making a couple of donuts disappear. One day I will be motivated...
  • I still have 30lbs to lose (I gained too much!)

    A bunch of us will be starting the 30 day squat challenge tomorrow. You're welcome to join us. I'll be posting a thread tomorrow morning about it.

    I also enjoyed doing the 30 day shred. The 3 levels are all on you tube.

    Honestly diet is what has helped me lost the most weight in the past. That and interval training (rather than running for an hour I would alternate between walking and sprinting every couple of minutes)
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    I would like to join the challenge. I have my pregnancy weigth since I only gained 12lbs( was sick all 9 months) but I have to get back to my pre_marriage weigth.
  • The only way to lose weight is burn more calories than you consume. Download myfitnesspal and track your diet and exercise for a few days. Even healthy eaters are surprised sometimes. I also agree with trying 30 day shred. I'm a huge huge fan.
  • The struggle is real. I joined weight watchers online once my weight started to creep up since the initial post partum loss. I am down the 6 lbs but still have another 10 to get to pre pregnancy but I have a feeling that my pants will never fit the same even if I reach that.
  • I am game to join the 30 day squat challenge!! I will also have to try 30 day shred!! Thanks!!
  • mselvik said:

    I am game to join the 30 day squat challenge!! I will also have to try 30 day shred!! Thanks!!

    My biggest piece of advice is no matter how sore you are after day one do shred day two. I promise you will be sore but I also promise you'll feel great day three!!
  • Also keep in mind it takes a little while for your body and scale to see results. Dont give up. Also weights are key (if you form any muscle the muscle will soon burn more calories for you). Not saying you need tons of weights but a little here and there will help...even just those little ones in your arms while your walking!
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