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I have been lurking occasionally for the past year and decided it was finally time to post an intro. My name is Jen, I am a nurse for an OB/GYN doctor so am surrounded by pregnancy on a daily basis! My husband and I have been TTC since May, and are currently on cycle 4. I have been temping since January, which is when I went off of my birth control pill. I have read Taking Charge of Your Fertility once, and am reading it for the second time right now. I did OPKs for the second and third cycles, but never got a positive even using them multiple times per day. I appear to be ovulating just based on BBT alone, but cycle 3 did not show a clear shift. I attached my chart if anyone wants to do a chart stalk. 

I'm hoping I can provide some insight here since I work in the women's health field. Looking forward to learning even more from you ladies and contributing as well. This site has been invaluable these past few months as I cope with the ups and downs of TTC, so thanks everyone!

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