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Broken Tailbone...

Hey ya'll! I broke my tailbone about 12 years ago and it has give. Me problems ever since. It didn't bother me too much during my first trimester but now I am 20 weeks and it gets pretty painful at times! I go to the dr in a month and plan to ask him about it but I wanted to see if any of you knew anything about my situation. I've heard of some people having to have a c-section due to their broken coccyx...i guess that's my biggest concern right now- will I be able to deliver vaginally? All comments/ opinions are greatly appreciated!

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  • If the tailbone is healed (which, after 12 years I am sure it is! lol) then it probably would not be unsafe for you to deliver vaginally. However, it could be more painful or pose extra risks if there were any issues when it healed, so definitely checking with your doctor would be the best bet! Just remember you can always get a second opinion if you don't think your doctor is giving you accurate information, but if they do deem that a c-section is the safest route, despite the disappointment and fear (not to mention extra healing, ouch!) it will be better than taking unnecessary risks that could be bad for you and/or baby. Good luck :) I hope you're able to have a successful vaginal birth!
  • I fell down the stairs last week on my tailbone and without an X-ray they don't know if it was broken or bruised, but either way it's expected to heal before I give birth. My midwives aren't concerned about me sticking to my original birth plan. I'm having a lot of pain and discomfort (especially while driving) so I'm using cushions when I can to help. Believe it or not I have discovered the boppy to be a life saver! If you haven't gotten one yet I say go for it and sit on it 24/7!
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  • I fell on my tail bone a long time ago in childhood years I'm pretty sure I bruised my tail bone worst pain I had experienced in a way. But ever since I hit 20 weeks my tail bone has been feeling sore when I've walked too much or sat too long. So when I sit I feel some real pressure. Which leads me to walk or I have to lean up to relieve the pressure. I'm 22 weeks today and those are the only things that work for me.
  • Idk at what point in my life my coccyx was broken but it happened before I got pg with my first. That being said I had debilitating tailbone pain with my DD. it started around 18 weeks and anytime I drove or sat or walked more than 20 minutes it was on fire. Only relief was to lie down. I got a donut for this pg but haven't needed it yet. And warm baths helped. I will say I would have had a vaginal birth either way but needed a section due to a failed induction, unrelated to the tail bone. Hoping it's not too rough on you.
  • I broke my tailbone when I was about 23. I had a lot of pain from it when I was pregnant with my first years later. I did end up having a c-section with him, but not because of the tailbone. I had a vaginal delivery with my second with no tailbone issues.
  • I'm so sorry! I feel for you. I got in a really bad wreck earlier this year and broke my tail bone, some ribs and then got pregnant two weeks later. Crazy, yeah! But my doctor knows about my broken tail bone and ribs and she hasn't said anything about me having to have a c section. But it never hurts to ask your dr :)
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