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When is too late to have a shower?

We are in the process of locating cross country and might not be able to have a shower until late November or early December. I'm due Jan 16th. Is this too late to have our shower? This is my first baby and we need EVERYTHING, but even more then gifts I just want to celebrate with family & friends.

Re: When is too late to have a shower?

  • So, I'm a little confused.

    Are you moving across country to your family or away from your family? I'd you're moving towards your family, it would make sense to suggest to your hother that they hold off on the shower until you're moved.

    If you're moving away, you can do it whenever you and your host decide. Plenty of people attend their showers when they are 34-36 weeks, so no late November early December wouldn't be "too late", unless you are high risk and might go early, in which case your doctor would be a better person to talk to as far as travels go.
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  • I think that's a great time to have the shower. I had mine 5 weeks before my due date, but I delivered 2 weeks early!!
  • Thanks ladies, we have family all over the country so no matter where we host it there will be family that has to travel. I'm hoping travel will be allowed as time progresses and am working with my doctor on our plans. After all our little one will be the one deciding. I just hope to get a few of my loved ones together to celebrate before he's here :)
  • I don't think that's too late but you never really know when baby will arrive. I definitely would not rely on a shower for all your baby items.
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