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All my daughter does is eat like a full grown man and hibernate like a bear! Normal!

my daughter was born at 10.5 pounds and 21.5 inches via c section. She's been super healthy, save for a cold she got at about 3 months. She's got all her vaccines, and the doctors say she's perfectly healthy, but it freaks me out how much she eats and sleeps.

At 9AM she eats 2 full jars of baby food and half a bowl of oatmeal of quinoa for breakfast, and has a 9 ounce bottle immediately after.

Then she zips around the house like a crazy person for 45 minutes or so, and then takes a 3-4 hour nap, with another 9 ounce bottle.

At about 2PM she eats another 2 jars of food, and then sometimes a carton of YoBaby yogurt.
Then I give her a 9 ounce bottle mixed with half vanilla soy milk, half whole milk.

She goes down for her nap immediately afterwards, and doesn't wake up until 5 or 6PM.

Then she eats another 2 jars of food, and half a bowl of rice cereal. Then a chocolate chip or peanut butter cookie for dessert.

She goes through another 9 ounce bottle of formula, then another 9 ounce half whole milk/soy milk bottle.

She sleeps through the whole night and doesn't wake up until like 9AM the next morning.

I give her little crackers and pieces of fruit throughout the day too, and water when we've been outside and it's hot.

I start off the morning by giving her Enfamil liquid vitamins with iron, as recommended by her pediatrician.

But she is 11 months, and only weights about 19-20 pounds.

How can a kid eat that much and not be chubbier!?!!! Is this a normal schedule for a baby or not!

She's always been like this. I feed her all organic, usually Earths Best or Beech Nut brands. Is she not getting enough calories or is her metabolism just really high?

Re: All my daughter does is eat like a full grown man and hibernate like a bear! Normal!

  • That sounds like a lot but don't babies somewhat self regulate what they need? You should ask you pediatrician. My baby eats a lot too and he is a chunker. I have no idea what he weighs but it feels like 25 lbs at least (he was 21 at 9 month check up and almost 1 year now). He is tall and doesn't sleep that much during the day (1-1.5 hrs total). I'd say you are lucky with all that sleep! If she's not chunky and she's hungry you probably don't need to worry. Good luck!
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